Cover reveal!

So today I can reveal (in tandem with Orbit) the overs for my next series!


The Duellist Trilogy, coming soon to a bookshop near you! (Starting October 6th)

SwordsAndScoundrels_TP27 (3)

LegendsAndLiars (3)



Spiffing, ain’t they?


You can pre-order here



So, the news is out. My Duelists Trilogy will be published by Orbit starting 6th October 2015 (See the catalogue here)

Book One: Swords and Scoundrels



A fast-paced new adventure fantasy in the vein of Michael J. Sullivan and Scott Lynch.

Gold is for fools, and dying is for amateurs…

Vocho and Kacha are champion duelists: a brother and sister known for the finest swordplay in the city of Reyes. Or at least they used to be — until they were thrown out of the Duelist’s Guild.
As a last resort, they turn reluctant highwaymen. But when they pick the wrong carriage to rob, their simple plans to win back fame and fortune go south fast.
After barely besting three armed men and a powerful magician, Vocho and Kacha make off with an immense locked chest. But the contents will bring them much more than they’ve bargained for when they soon find themselves embroiled in a dangerous plot to return an angry king to power…
Swords and Scoundrels┬áis the first book in the Duelist’s trilogy